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Crose Mechanical office new location is on the sunset strip at 640 10th Street West Unit 5Owen Sound.

We'd love to hear from you!  We are an award-winning HVAC company serving Grey & Bruce Counties Ontario. Our Mission is to provide the best customer service in the area.

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Before you call us or message us, please check these items.

If you can’t remember when you changed the batteries in the last year, Change the batteries. Either AA or AAA. Some have the CR watch battery but they usually have a wire on the C terminal. 

Turn the temperature down at the thermostat below the current temperature in the room by at least 5 degrees. And switch to COOL.

Is the indoor fan blowing out of the furnace?   Does it feel like it is a normal amount, velocity??
If YES- Good. If no air is coming out and no sound from the furnace, check the power switch and breaker. If it is bowing but hardly, check and remove the air filter.
Now look at the silver duct box above (or beside on a horizontal) furnace, the duct sheet metal box. Is it sweating? Does it have ice or water around it? There is the evaporator coil inside that. It will have an insulated tube going into it and a small copper tube, and a drain from it.
If there is ice, maybe sweating, it is very cold, but there is little air coming from the registers, then it is frozen up, and there is a giant ice cube inside.
SOLUTION: Shut all power down for the outdoor Condenser AC unit at the breaker if possible. Or turn the thermostat OFF. Unfortunately, it will require 24 hours or more to thaw completely.  This tends to happen for several reasons, usually when it is extremely humid out. A plugged air filter is the most common cause and the easiest to fix. 
After changing or removing the air filter, wait 24 to 36 hours and try it again.
If it happens again, please call us!  519-372-2978.
If the indoor furnace and fan and air flow is normal, is the outdoor unit working?
Is the fan turning? If so, is there an underlying buzz or growl sound indicating that the compressor is running?
If so, you are probably low on refrigerant which requires a technician.
If the fan isn’t running, check the breaker for the AC on the electrical power.
If the fan is running outdoors, and indoors, you will need to call a technician.
Follow this and it will solve 95% of AC issues with NO service call.
Please call us if needed.  519-372-2978.

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