Air Conditioner Services

We are proud to provide Air Conditioning services, installation, and maintenance that we service both residential homes and commercial clients.

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Air Conditioning Frequently Asked Questions

> Keep your air filters clean all year long.
> Hose off the outside condenser unit periodically to keep the air flowing well through the coil.
> Lower your thermostat by 4-5 degrees Celsius (7-9 degrees Fahrenheit) while you're sleeping at night and when no one is at home.
Crose Mechanical sells Daikin(great deals!), Trane, Concord, and Continental central air conditioning and ductless systems.

We sell Trane, Continental central and ductless, air conditioners, and Mitsubishi, and Fujitsu heat pumps.

NOTE: The ductless systems can be sold as air conditioners only. It is less expensive to be sold as a ductless heat pump which could be eligible for a rebate. You can learn more about ductless systems on the heat pump page.

We can repair all makes and models of central and packaged rooftop air conditioning units for both our residential and commercial clients.
The key components of your central air conditioning system are:
The outdoor condenser unit is the big box outside your house which contains the compressor, condenser coil, and the condenser fan, which looks like a propeller. 
The furnace is usually down in the basement. It draws warm air from upstairs and blows it across the evaporator which removes heat and distributes the cool air throughout your home.
The evaporator is a coil/heat exchanger/radiator looking thing that sits adjacent to your furnace. For the majority of gas or oil upflow furnaces, it will sit above the furnace in the supply. For electric furnaces, it often will sit in the return duct.
The evaporator will be hidden in the ductwork but will always have a copper line going in, a larger foam insulation covered copper line going in, and a drain pipe for condensation going to a pump or into a floor drain.
Warm air from your house is drawn through the furnace blower and AIR FILTER then forced through the evaporator coil. The liquid refrigerant inside the coil boils into vapor as it absorbs the heat from the air making the air cool and air-conditioned.
The refrigerant vapor is drawn to the outside unit where the compressor adds pressure and heat to the hot vapor increasing its temperature to significantly above the outdoor ambient temperature. The high pressure, high temperature compressed vapor flows into the condenser coil where the vapor gives up its heat to the cooler outside air. This heat transfer is facilitated by the condenser fan which draws outside air through the coil, absorbing the heat, and blowing it out the top. If you put your hand above the outdoor unit in the air flow, the temperature is warmer than the surrounding air. By removing the heat from the high-pressure high-temperature liquid, it causes the vapor refrigerant to condense into a liquid. 
The liquid refrigerant then continues its journey back to the inside evaporator coil.
The last step is the high pressure, liquid passes through a restriction right before the coil to relieve some of its pressure further lowering the temperature to be ready to absorb more heat on the next cycle.