Join The Crose Comfort Club For Yearly Home Maintenance & Protection Plans

Join The Crose Comfort Club For Yearly Home Maintenance & Protection Plans

Note: Brochure pricing changes yearly.  Please call the office for the current pricing which is also listed below on this page.


How Does It Work?

  1. Start by choosing one of our plans (Maintenance Plan or Maintenance + Protection Plan)
  2. Then select in the form below what package you think best suits your needs so that one of our representatives can follow up with you to work out the details. There is no commitment required for you to receive a call from one of our representatives, so click the button below to start the process!

Note:  We still offer a one-time payment plan if that better suits you than the monthly payment plan.

We want to offer our customers the convenience of our company looking after your furnace, boiler, and air conditioner year-round. Giving you service second to none.

That's why we created the Crose Comfort Club.

We'll give you a call in the Fall, Spring, or Summer to look after maintenance, any repairs that are required, and give your furnace a tune-up to save you money in the long run.

We want to take care of you and provide you with peace of mind.

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are very important to your comfort on a daily basis and nothing will spoil your day faster than a breakdown.

Maintenance reduces the chance of an inopportune breakdown and maximizes efficiency. As part of the Club, we will contact you to arrange a seasonal or yearly inspection with cleaning and tuneup to ensure that your equipment is in tip-top shape. Payments will be made automatically from your account and we will call you to automatically have the visit scheduled at your convenience.

One low payment to make sure you are taken care of. What's better than that?

*We also serve Ductless splits.

Be a part of the Club where you do not have to worry about your comfort throughout the year.


Full Service Packages

Full-Service Packages

Whole Home Protection & Maintenance Plan

From $84.50 / Month

  • Full Service Protection
  • Cleaning and tuneup of all gas or oil heating, and water heating equipment
  • Includes fireplaces
  • Parts warranty included with exceptions

Gas Heating & Cooling Protection & Maintenance Plan

From $48.50 / Month

  • Gas furnace yearly maintenance and parts and labour warranty
  • AC tuneup and warranty
  • Coil cleaning and priority service

Oil Heating & Cooling Protection & Maintenance Plan

From $51.30 / Month

  • Oil furnace maintenance and parts and labour warranty
  • AC cleaning and warranty, coil cleaning
  • Priority service

Cooling Protection & Maintenance Plan

From $37.50 / Month

  • Seasonal cleaning and tuneup
  • Parts warranty, see exclusions
  • Coil cleaning

Gas Packages

Gas Heating & Cooling Packages

Please decide if you require a Maintenance Plan (cleaning and check operation/safeties) or a, Maintenance Plan + Protection Plan (Parts & labour).

Gas Heating Maintenance Plan

From $12.50 / Month (from)

  • Gas furnace cleaning, burners, and sensors as required, Air Filter is extra
  • Condensate system flush
  • Visual inspection and heat rise

Cooling Maintenance Plan

From $12.50 / Month

  • Priority status

Gas Heating & Cooling Protection Plan

From $25.15 / Month

  • Combines Gas heating protection plan warranty and cooling protection plan
  • Priority status

Gas Heating Protection & Maintenance Plan

From $27.15 / Month

  • Combines maintenance plan features with warranty on parts and labour on a by year by year basis
  • No worry plan. We will call you for maintenance
  • Priority status

Oil Packages

Oil Heating Packages

Oil Heating Maintenance Plan

From $21.60 / Month

  • Clean and vacuum out the furnace including heat exchanger passages and vent connector
  • Nozzle and oil filter change
  • Visual tank and system inspection for leaks

Oil Heating Protection Plan

From $31.00 / Month

  • Parts warranty plan
  • Requires inspection to qualify
  • Please see exclusion list

Oil Heating Protection & Maintenance Plan

From $49.50 / Month

  • Includes features of the maintenance plan & protection plan at a reduced price.

What is covered under the cooling protection plan?

What is covered under the heating protection plan?

Maintenance Service Details:

Gas Furnace Service

Remove and clean flame rod, check furnace for moisture stains, and gasket leakage, clean and flush condensate drainage system as required, check electrical connections, , vacuum blower compartment, wipe down surfaces, check venting inside and outside for cracks, check gas supply lines, visually check surrounding gas system for code violations inside and outside.

Oil Furnace Service

Sootmaster Vacuum and brush out heat exchanger passages, brush out and vacuum vent connector, change oil nozzle, clean electrode tips, check spark gap, change oil filter, fire up and do smoke test on flue products, Combustion analysis, set up burner for suitable CO content and maximum efficiency.

Air Conditioning Service

Check and clean or replace furnace air filter, check and clean evaporator drain system, static pressure test before and after evaporator coil, outdoor coil clean if necessary, vacuum out debris from outdoor unit, check bearings for condenser fan, check electrical connections, check capacitor, check contactor, check air temperature rise outdoor coil, and temperature drop on inside coil, check relative humidity inside

Fireplace Service

Vacuum out control and fan area as required, visual inspection of fan, clean burners as required, clean glass as required, tighten connections on gas control, check millivolt readings.

Tankless Water heater service

Clean out combustion area and burners, check and clean flame rod, water side flush if valves and access installed, combustion analysis.