Owen Sound, Grey and Bruce Air Conditioning Service

Air conditioning is becoming more and more of a necessity with the summers we have been having. Crose Mechanical has licensed techs to provide you with an air conditioning solution, provide maintenance to your existing Central Air Conditioning system, or repair your Air Conditioning System.

Maintenance of a central air conditioning system can include coil cleaning, checking temperature drop across the coil, checking bearing wear, capacitor checking, and checking for the proper refrigerant charge.

Did you know, that an often overlooked DIY maintenance check that the homeowner can perform is changing the thermostat batteries, and keeping the air filter clean.

Did you know, that there are 2 basic types of indoor coil metering devices that regulate the amount of refrigerant in the indoor coil? When getting a quote to replace your system, this is a good thing to know.

Type 1 – Bullet, or piston, or fixed orifice type. his type allows a fixed amount of refrigerant into the indoor coil to absorb heat, despite changing temperature or load conditions. The load is the amount of heat that the coil is trying to absorb. Is it 98 degree heat, or 75 degree heat? the load, or the amount of work on the system is different.

The Bullet fixed orifice type is less expensive, arguably less prone to trouble, and ultimately less efficient than the Thermostatically controlled Expansion Valve (TXV). The TXV controls the amount of  refrigerant in the indoor evaporator coil based on the amount of Superheat in the system. Essentially it tries to maintain efficiency despite the varied loads (temperatures) on the system. With out getting too technical, it is the better system. And if properly installed, will give years of efficient, trouble free air conditioning.

So, if you are getting quotes to add or replace a Central Air Conditioning system, be sure to inquire if it includes a TX valve. You will be glad you did.